Managing Director - Julia Taylor-Stanley

Julia Taylor-Stanley began her career as a songwriter and record producer working with a number of artists including Meatloaf, Roger Daltrey and Diana Ross. After a riding accident left her unable to play the piano for six months she turned to writing and her first novel ‘Mystica’, a supernatural thriller, was published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson and Mandarin. Julia set up independent film company, Artemis Films, in April 2008.

Julia produced Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut of Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Coriolanus’ a tense and timeless political thriller based around power broking, political manipulation and the arguments and prejudices of opposing social extremes. The film also stars Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox. The film was released worldwide in January 2012, and premiered at the 61st Berlin Film Festival in February 2011. Vanessa Redgrave won Best Supporting Actress at the British Independent Film Awards for her role as Volumnia in the film.

Julia is currently producing a $40million feature, ‘ The Racing Line ’, which tells the story of the Ferrari Formula One Racing Team in the late 1950s, the story focuses on two young British drivers, Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins and directed by Antoine Fuqua, who directed “Training Day” and the global smash hit “Olympus Has Fallen”. Julia aims to bring an award winning cast, dynamic script and first class production team together to create an exciting and dramatic motor-racing film.

Julia also produced a new version of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in 2010, a $21m Film starring Dame Helen Mirren which received an Oscar nomination.

Commercial and Legal Director - Phil Rymer

Phil Rymer, a Partner at Lewis Silkin LLP, has 22 years of legal and practical experience in film financing, production and distribution. Phil has represented producers and managed a production company through all aspects of development, production and delivery of materials to film distributors.  He has also managed an international sales agent and UK distributor and he is highly qualified, therefore, to give insight into what attributes will drive the commercial success of the project that is to be developed and produced by the Company.  During the complex negotiations to bring together multi-party financing, Phil has a unique skill set to defend the Company's position in recoupment of its investment by being aware of the motives and requirements of the film's fellow financiers.  He is familiar with most of the agents, distributors and financiers in the UK and USA as well as their professional representatives which facilitates a rapid conclusion to financing negotiations; this reduces professional charges and hastens the film's progress to production.

Prior joining Lewis Silkin, Phil was Head of Icon Film Distribution and Icon Entertainment International as well as Director of Legal and Business Affairs, with responsibility for the day to day operations of 4 companies, employing 48 staff.  Phil has hands-on management experience of managing staff, budgets, project development and implementing the financial and legal objectives of feature film companies.  Prior to joining Icon, Phil had teamed up with one of the UK leading independent film producers, Alison Owen at her Ruby Films production company.  During this time, Phil led Ruby's successful application for a major slate fund investment from the UK Film Council and structured the financing for such films as “Sylvia” and “The Other Boleyn Girl”. This had followed Phil's positions at the UK Film Council, overseeing the application and investment of production funding and at Intermedia Film Equities as the Senior Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs in London.

Phil trained at the major entertainment practice, Denton Hall Burgin & Warren and was a partner at the leading film production and financing practice, Marriott Harrison.  During Phil's time in private practice, his clients have included Universal Pictures on films including "U-571" and "The Mummy", Working Title Films on films including "Billy Elliott" and "The Borrowers"; his financier clients have included Coutts Bank; and he has represented sales agents and distributors including Pathé, Capitol Films, CIBY 2000, IAC and Lumiere. Phil's particular strengths include a pragmatic approach to recognising clients’ key needs and implementing them in complex transactions with a proven record in securing the clients' needs and building strong relationships.

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