R O U G H - D I A M O N D S


Rough Diamonds is a feel-good, heist, comedy
starring an ensemble cast of the golden greats of the
British screen. Paying tongue in cheek homage to The
Italian Job, The Great Escape and the well-loved
classic Ealing comedies the film charts the escapades of
an aging criminal dumped in a care home by his equally
criminal son.

Jewel-thief, Charlie, is finally released from prison after
serving 40 years and finds himself dumped in a care
home from hell. After a few weeks cursing his son for
confining him to a different kind of prison he discovers
some of the other residents are far from what they
seem. This is in fact a care home for a select group of
infamous criminals who also spend their days cursing
their bad luck and dreaming about how life could have
been so very different if they had managed to pull off
the “Crystal Palace job...” a hugely ambitious diamond
heist that went horribly wrong.

Charlie bonds with this select group just as he
discovers his son is planning a diamond heist of his
own. Not wanting to get caught and end up with his
Father’s fate he asks his Dad for advice on the job.
Charlie decides to show his son that he still has it – by
stealing the diamonds out from under his nose! But
he needs a gang. His fellow residents nicknamed `The
Artful Codgers’ decide to take up the challenge with
hilarious and often nail biting results.

B U D G E T : £ 1 5 M